The UWCAES Society

Advancing the adoption of underwater compressed air energy storage

Announcing OSES 2014

The UWCAES Society will be hosting the inaugural Offshore Energy & Storage (OSES) Symposium and Industry Connector Event.

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What is UWCAES?

Underwater compressed air energy storage (UWCAES) is a method for storing energy in the form of compressed air. In an UWCAES system, electrical energy is converted to and from compressed air using a series of air compressors or turbo-expanders.

The primary novel attribute of UWCAES is in the storage of air, where submerged air accumulators, placed in deep water bodies, interface with surrounding water as the accumulator filled air capacity varies.

Benefits of UWCAES

The benefits of UWCAES include:

Location Adaptability

Constant Energy Profile


Addressing the challenges of the electricity industry

About Us

Comprising of academia and industry, the UWCAES Society seeks to advance the adoption of underwater compressed air energy storage.

Our Mission

The objectives of the UWCAES Society are:

  • To continuously synthesize of all relevant science and engineering knowledge on the subject – including technical papers and practical experience.
  • To establish cooperative contacts between experts in the field; as well as in related energy and environmental fields.
  • To provide realistic, accessible information to all interested parties on the best applications for the technology.
  • To act as a unified voice to champion the marketing of the technology.

Our Scope

The Society’s primary technical interests are centred on how the air is stored, how the storage is installed, maintained and finally decommissioned.

Supporting technologies are also of interest:

Compression and expansion technology

Thermal management

Fluid transport techniques

Working towards a sustainable future

Society Members

The Society represents a partnership between industry and academia.

Executive Committee

The current society executives are:

Rupp Carriveau


Andrew Pimm


Seamus Garvey

Advisory Chair

David S-K. Ting

Advisory Chair



Founding Members

Seamus Garvey

University of Nottingham

Rupp Carriveau

Turbulence & Energy Lab,
University of Windsor

Andrew Pimm

University of Nottingham

David S-K. Ting

Turbulence & Energy Lab,
University of Windsor

Alex Slocum

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jon McGowan

University of Massachusetts

Contact Us

Inquiries about the Society or membership can be made to Rupp Carriveau at

Stay Updated

Stay tuned to this page for future updates!

The Society will send regular newsletters to its members and hold workshops, symposiums and other such events.